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Meet the Goulds

Hello! We’re Ed and Amy Gould, owners here at Big Dawgs Axe Junkies. We found a way to combine our two favorite things: Axe Throwing, and GIANT dogs (if drool were money, we could retire early!).


Over the past five years, we’ve fostered 40 dogs (it was going to be 42, but we failed twice. Oops!).

Helping furry friends in need is one of our passions, and a portion of our proceeds goes to non for profit animal rescues.


Our current pack:

Nala, a spry 10.5 year old Saint Bernard we rescued this past year from Long Island, New York.

Roxy (aka Stink), a 5 year old mix of awesome and our first foster fail pack member.

Sloopy, a 2 year old shy 176 pound English Mastiff.

Remy, the most recent foster failure, a rambunctious 1 year old labradoodle.


Amy is an Ohio State grad (go Bucks!), and shortly after receiving her master’s from Muskingum; she went to meet mutual friends at an Old Buddy Jack show. Little did she know that royalty would also be in attendance that night in the form of Ed, who was then Mayor of Tiltonsville, OH!


Once we realized we had a common love of music, animals and Ohio State, it was all over. We got married in 2011 at Rehoboth Beach in Delaware.  After living in St. Clairsville, Ed moved us to Geneva with a job change in 2012.


As we learned through our marriage, anger management can be channeled into a more fun activity and frustrations can be resolved in creative AXE THROWING!

Surrounded by the great North Coast atmosphere, Ohio's wine country, covered bridges and other great businesses the setting for Big Dawgs will be a great place to relax. enjoy friends and maybe a glass of wine or beer from the local fare. 

We’re so excited to bring this sport to life and  have some fun, and help out some puppers while doing it. See you soon!

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